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Top 9 things that Real Estate has brought to my life #4

Posted by admin on January 30, 2020
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I am very grateful and humbled by the many awards and accolades my team and I have been fortunate to achieve. They have been motivation to work harder, do the right thing and contribute more! I have been very fortunate to be recognized for consistently being in the Top 1% of agents in Canada for the past 9 years also one of the top 100 agents in Canada and my team being in the Top 75 teams in Canada!!
Being in the Top 1% meant getting the incredible opportunity to travel to many amazing places and network with the best of the best from across Canada. I never would have had this opportunity if it weren’t for the long hours, perseverance and the hard work and dedication of my team, that is a fact!
The photos posted above are some of the incredible and memorable experiences in my life. I went to Kenya, Africa and it was epic, laying in my tent listening to monkeys, lions and other scary sounding things, with hippos in the river just outside my tent. A sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Maasai Mara, then land and have breakfast in the open plains. To see the wilds of Africa was jaw dropping and nothing like on TV…. its a million times better, the Giraffes, cheetah’s, lions, hyenas etc. I was honoured to be invited to jump with the Maasai warriors and to be able to experience and learn about various traditions with the Maasai and how they live and survive, truly a trip of lifetime! Wait till I tell you about the Trump tower in Panama trip. 😊

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