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Renee MacDonald


I am the boss’s wife and mother of our two beautiful girls, Willow and Aspen.  I have a diploma in Interior Design from Algonquin College and have had a career in the government doing office accommodations, facilities and project management involving space planning, office furniture acquisitions, small construction projects, employee moves of hundreds of people etc. for over 11 years.  I had a role in implementing new workspace solutions for Treasury Board that reduced cost and space envelope that consolidated their 11 buildings to 2 (Workspace 2.0).

My mother has had multiple sclerosis for over 40 years which influenced me to look at space differently, always seeing it with an accessibility and innovative perspective, which is why I got into design in the first place.  My father is a mechanic and he was also a crane and tower crane operator based in Cornwall and has done multiple projects in surrounding areas including Ottawa such as the University of Ottawa.  He built the houses that I grew up in which began the love of housing, the design and construction industry.

I took a leave of absence from my job in the government in 2016 to raise the girls, but now that the little one will be starting school in September I was so ready to get back to work this year and be with adults!  I am a very social person and have always had a passion for customer service.  I love meeting people and getting to learn their stories which is why I was very interested in working with Jason and his team as they affect people’s lives directly.  I love being a part of a dynamic team that is based on helping people with some of the biggest decisions that they will make in their lives!

In the past, on the side, I have had multiple creative side businesses such as a sewing business, Miss Mac Creations as well as a children’s and youth entertainment company. Naturally, it has been an easy transition to be in the creative field of Social Media and Marketing.  I love creating designs and coming up with creative ways to market our company that I am so proud to support. I am making the transition from the client (yep that’s right, I met Jason as my realtor), wife, mother of our children and now employee!

I have lived in Barrhaven since 2006 and have never looked back.  I absolutely love this community and am so happy to be raising our family here!  Since I was raised bilingual in Cornwall, our kids go to Pierre-Elliot Trudeau school where I am part of the teacher-parent association to help in any way that I can.

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