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Justin Bourgeault


I always knew growing up that I wanted to have a profession that I could help people in one way or another. Switching careers from the construction industry to becoming a Realtor was more than a natural transition, as I always loved socializing with people and have always put a conscious effort into making people feel good.

When I decided to make the career change, I continually would get the same response from everyone I told about my potential change to become a Realtor, which was “I would definitely hire you, I would trust you.” I heard this repeatedly. This not only assured me that I was making the right decision to change paths, but it also showed me that everyone’s biggest concern with hiring an agent was trust. This was a big eye-opener for me, and it showed me that people want to not only know that you are competent & hard-working, they also want to know that you really do care about them as an individual.

I can say with confidence that my clients without a doubt feel that I not only care about being meticulous about every aspect of the transaction to assure they get the best possible outcome but that I genuinely care about them as people and about all the emotions and concerns that go along with buying or selling a home. I love that I can help people and at the same time turn what can be a stressful experience into something positive and exciting for my clients.

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