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Home Renovations


The right renovations  

 Whether you’re renovating your whole home or specific rooms, choosing the right project can help you sell faster and for more.   


The average rate of return for common home renovation projects 

 Source: AIC’s study  

Here are some actionable tips you can take to increase your home’s sale price and quickly get it off the market.  


Choose modern & tasteful décor   

When picking interior décor like lampshades, drapes and throw pillows, choose shades of white and tamer versions of popular colours. Keep your design choices modern and on-trend.    


Focus on your home’s kitchen and bathroom   

Your home’s kitchen and bathroom are the money-makers when it comes to selling. Spend a little more time in these rooms by updating light fixtures, doorknobs/handles and replacing old cabinets and tiles.   


Update your appliances   

Buyers will pay more for a home if all the appliances are new and up to date because it saves them money and time from having to upgrade them themselves. Make sure your appliances are fully functional and in good condition.   


De-clutter your home   

Remove any excess items in your home to highlight its features. Potential home buyers want to visualize a space’s future, so eliminating unnecessary clutter makes that possible.   


Replace old windows   

Replacing your old windows will not only add value to your home’s exterior but will make your home more energy-efficient and save your future buyer money in energy costs.   


Add smart technology   

More and more buyers are looking for homes with pre-installed smart technology. Products like smart thermostats, cameras, locks and lighting systems can add a few extra zeros to a home’s price tag because of the value it adds. Smart technology makes a home more energy-efficient, safer and convenient since you can control everything from your smartphone.   


Landscape your front & backyard   

Cleaning up your lawn and trimming your hedges will help your home stand out in the neighbourhood. Do it yourself or hire a lawn service company to do it for you. Beautifying your front yard adds curb appeal, which translates into a higher sale price.   


Repaint your home’s interior/exterior   

Adding a fresh new coat of paint can renew a space/home exterior to make it look brand-new without breaking the bank. Use paint tones with wide-ranging market appeal.   


Brighten your home  

Update your home’s light fixtures to brighten your home and give it some life.   


Any improvements, small or big, can go a long way in improving the look and feel of your home. An experienced real estate agent can help you with your unique home and provide tips and tricks to increase your home’s value so you can sell with confidence.   

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